Gold Ka: Health and Wellness

Gwenaëlle is a local health and wellness entrepreneur she provides a variety of products and services collectively designed to maximise your energetic potential. The foundation of all her creations is Gold Ka. In ancient Egyptian teachings “Gold” represents the blood of God. And in Guadeloupe “Ka” is the universal rhythm of the drum. Gwenaëlle named her business Gold Ka to tune into the god and goddess blood and bring it to life following the energy flow from the music of the drum. Gold Ka is the energetic power behind each of her creations that unite the goddess forces of abundance, creativity and wellbeing.

One of her specialities is creating homemade local, organic magic potions! These include oils, creams and ointments for hair, skin and teeth.  Each unique product is carefully crafted using a concentration of specific ingredients with ancient healing and nurturing properties. Her recipes are potent and unlike any others at the market. Customers return for the quality and delicacy of her products and the vast array of knowledge Gwenaëlle holds and shares with each client and product she sells. 

Some of her most in demand products include beauté de la peau an oil designed to maximise the natural health and beauty of your skin, another is chantilly pour cheveux a carefully crafted concentration of the most pure and beneficial oils for maximizing strength and growth of hair. She sells oils that are hard to find such as huile de carrotte, huile de gingembre, huile de canelle and many more. Using her products is an experience of luxury immediately chanelling your inner goddess. It is also grounding down to earth to use products from the land to nourish and revitalize your wellbeing. 

Additionally, she designs and creates clothing to activate chakras and energy throughout the body. Her clothes are designed based on a consultation to assist with energy flow throughout the body, she personally designs clothes using colors and textures that are good for you and the soul and the rhythm of your Gold Ka.

The products that she sells invite people to engage in routines of self-care and further connect with her other services that assist spiritual connection and development. These include energetic massage, reiki healing, meditation, yoga, art and nutrition therapy. She offers classes, workshops and retreats and attends different markets throughout the week. 

Discover more Gold Ka on instagram @goldka


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