Volcane La Soufrière

This is a live volcano and every time you hike it you will have a different experience. It is technical and an advanced work out hike that takes about 5 hours. The trek is divided in two climbs.

The first section, is the hike from the staging parking lot (which often fills so cars find themselves parking along the steep road up the mountain) and this distance can vary depending how close you get to the parking lot but usually is about 1.5 hours to the base of the volcano. This first section is a great warm up before the volcano climb or can be a destination in itself to have made it to the base of the volcano.

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At the top their is warm sulfur gust leaving the mouth of the volcano that smell like rotten eggs and might make your eyes cry but it warms the body because you can walk right up to it. You can hear the volcano gurgle and you can feel it breathe. The mystique of the foreign Soufrière volcano environment really makes this a powerful place that feels enchanted and magical.

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Depending on the day you can find yourself revived with adrenaline by huge wind and rain storms where you can barely keep your feet on the ground with zero visibility or enjoying the stunning view of green tropical wilderness and blue Caribbean sea on top of a mountain. Regardless, climbing this volcano is an amazing experience!

Everyone hiking along this trail understands the physical journey everyone is on and is supportive and friendly with bonjours and bonne chances!

Once you return to the bottom you can warm up in a natural hot spring called “Bain Jaune.”

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