Maison Perle D’Or


Our mission at Maison Perle D’Or is to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable accommodation so you can get out and explore the beauties our islands has to offer through connecting and supporting local business entrepreneurs and economies. As a deco-resort we provide you with access to local led services, activities and experiences while visiting Rifflet and surrounding areas of Guadeloupe.

En Developments

Our accommodation facility is currently in development.  We are working at cumulating funding for the renovations projects to get our facility to market. In the mean time we are putting together resources for customers to get a better idea of what our accommodation represents and the value it serves within our community.


Maison Perle D’or is located a two minute walk from one the islands most breathtaking golden sand beaches including La Perle. From the accommodation their is ocean view and tropical forest. It is tranquil and quiet but also in close proximity to locally owned and operated restaurants, bars and tourism operators that this blog will bring recognition to in order to provide you access to local economies while you travel in our area.

Site Internet

Our website for Maison Perle D’Or is still in development and it will be shared here once finished. To give you a sneak peak it will be a two bedroom accommodation with a shared common and relaxation room upstairs as well as an outdoor kitchen and patio, outdoor shower for tropical integration and a beautiful garden in the backyard. We also are looking into having a parrot and a goat! We cant wait to share our facility with you for a conscious and unforgettable travel journey.


1. Send us your email to  secure Early adopter trips

We can let you know when our accommodation is ready for reservations


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