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Threw working with various entrepreneurs in Guadeloupe, I’ve realized a common limitation to local business owners success in competing with mainstream tourism markets is not having access to a laptop. Laptops, specifically MacBook’s are nearly entirely inaccessible for people on this island as the prices are incredibly high.


I have decided to create a small laptop foundation where local entrepreneurs can apply for a laptop that has been donated by someone in Canada. I am looking for second hand good quality functional and reset Macbook computers that include a functional charger.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Guadeloupean Entrepreneurs apply for a laptop using the application form below
  2. Laptop Donors send me a email at: to organize donating laptop
  3. I hand deliver each laptop to each entrepreneur in Guadeloupe! ( and you then can connect if desired threw thank you’s and photos )


There is a high demand for laptops depending on donation supply this objective will vary but to start I am looking to collect 3-4 laptops.


I will be collecting laptops over summer 2020 and will be delivering the laptops to recipients in Guadeloupe Fall 2020.


The recipients will be charged a shipping fee of approximately 30-50 euros depending on the luggage fees this will support the costs of getting the laptops across the border if those donating would like to also cover that fee please include that as a note in your email.

If you have a laptop to donate please contact me at:

Email: Subject: laptop foundation donation

Application Form for Guadeloupean Entrepreneurs

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