Parade de Voile Traditionelle

Early morning at Plage de Grande Anse? the contestants gather at the beach for this great sailing event hosted by the ‘Dehe Vwal’sailing club. Competitors sponsored by local businesses and assisted by the crowd launch their boats one by one into the water.  Once they are all out on the water they line up at the start line and wait for the count down. TROIS, DEUX, UN a huge horn sounds and they Go! (see video below). It’s fascinating to see so many traditional sailboats together at the same time navigating the ocean waves and one another. Exciting to watch with many close calls of capsizing and crashing into one another! It really captures your attention and it is hard not to be involved in the fun cheering! Keep your eyes on the betting on who the winner will be and get ready to celebrate.  If you’re on a bike you can follow the race from start to finish using the trail system and road networks that connect La plage de Grande Anse a la Bourg de Deshaies with an ocean view of the race from start to finish.  At the finish line be sure to enjoy a celebration drink and meal at one of the many local beach restaurants.

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