Business Evolution

Rifflet Travel has had various pivots over the years though it has always held a foundation in seeking to merge the fields of authenticity, empowerment, accessibility, and passion through some of my favorite things: entrepreneurship, healing, writing and travel. 

I realized what brings me the most passion and what is most meaningful for me is supporting entrepreneurs with professional written material to validate and expand their business ideas, growth, and momentum. Writing projects are the primary offering of Rifflet Travel and my current evolution.

Various shapeshifting forms Rifflet Travel and myself have taken over the years include: transformational travel experiences, travel blogging resources, deco-resort hub accommodations, travel assistance specifically for local led travel experiences, products and services paralleled with empowerment, leadership, and business development resources for local entrepreneurs. The Laptop Foundation naturally grew into the celebration of joint-partnership. Including holistic health to my business practice has made the most significant shift for me and has made me realize the value of self-development being at the center of all endeavours. 

Peace and environmental News: Discover Local travel 

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Check out Breaking the Mainstream Barrier to Discover Local Travel an article published in the Peace and Environmental News (PEN) website January 2020.

RBC Epic Business Model: Deco-Travel Assistance

 Assist travellers with connecting to local entrepreneurs for a mutually beneficial and desired shared experience. We offer business start up support services (marketing and best practices) to empower local entrepreneurs in their desired business growth. 

Epic Business Model Competition
University of Windsor Business Model Canvas Competition 2018



Velocity Fund Finals: Deco-Resorts

Deco-Resorts stand for de-colonized resorts. These are local led hub accommodations that interconnect guests to a local network of businesses and services to support authentic local led culture and experience.

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On November 8th 2018, Rifflet Travel founder Johanna Mercedes Van Schie -Copol pitched the business concept at the Velocity Fund Finals Qualifiers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Van Schie- Copol a graduate in Environment and Business from University of Waterloo and is of West African/Guadeloupean and Dutch/Irish settler Canadian descent.

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