Artisan et Entrepreneur Locaux Fabrice

Fabrice is a local artisan designer who has a beach stand boutique off of Anse Rifflet. Depending on weather you can find him and his dog best friend named “pti mal” selling or designing beautiful artistic creations including jewelry, fruit bowls, home decorations. All of his pieces have traditional practical uses or aesthetic decorative uses.

They are designed using 100% organic and local materials and his stock of materials change depending on the season.  He makes them with dried grains, coco, zanzibar and rafia that he cultivates or finds that are delicate and fragile and of vibrant colours. His pieces are living ingredients of nature and are transformative over their lifespan. Each creation of his is unique and nearly impossible to replicate. He customizes pieces for clients and will make adjustments to pieces on site if needed.

He lives off of selling his artisan work, it is his livelihood for the past twenty years and it brings him his greatest passion and so he treats each customer with so much respect. He makes artistic creations for output of good energy to the world and gains strength through sharing his creations.

He sells his pieces to anyone who would like to buy from him but he is not interested in commercializing his work, he wants consumers of his pieces to travel to Guadeloupe and buy his work out of his hands. His pieces are a way for people to represent Guadeloupe and share a story and he says human connection is extremely important in that.

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